Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lucky grandpa

After cheating death seven times, born lucky Frano Selak decided not to push the odds when he was invited to smooch a gourgeous female presenter live on TV.

Curvy brunette interviewer Daniela Trbovic asked the 82-year-old survivor for a kiss for luck on Croatian TV when he revealed how he'd managed to stay alive so many times - and win the lottery.

But cautious Frano stunned his host when he told her: "No way - I could get swine flu like that."

Frano survived two near drownings, falling out of a plane and landing in a haystack, a car that blew up on the motorway, a second car blaze, and being knocked down by a bus in the Croatian capital Zagreb.

His final death-defying stunt came when he managed to leap onto a tree when his car careered over a precipice down a 300ft drop from a mountainside.

His luck kept coming when he won 600,000 GBP on the local lottery six years ago.

"Frano is very happily married but his wife watches him like a hawk. His luck might run out for ever if she saw him kissing a pretty girl on TV," confided one family friend.

Austrian Times

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Unholy Prophet said...

Haha, Awesome<3 thats one lucky guy. And his wife is funny. <3