Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Protesters in Croatia stop at Japanese embassy to commemorate victims

Croatian antigovernment protesters stopped by Japan embassy in Zagreb and lit candles for people that died in last earthquake and tsunami. It was a touching moment! I give you two videos. First is the viral one and the second has more visual quality.

Comments from Japan soon followed, thanking for the protesters support (most in japanese but some also in translated croatian and english).

My heart was very moved . I appreciate your kindness. Thank you and respect the people from Croatia.

Being Japanese, I am very moved by this clip. I thank and respect the people from Croatia, who care about the disaster in Japan even at a time when they have their own issues. Once again, thank you to all the Croatians who sent their prayers and warm thoughts. Thank you.

Hvala lijepa svem, mi japanci smo pravda za vas. Hvala opet i živimo zajedno.

I wish to express my gratitude as one of the Japanese for your acts.

This is amazing. The crowd of this size stopped and paused with nothing but pure sympathy and love. It is the demonstration of hope and humanity. Your prayers will live in our hearts for ever. Thank you so much for thinking of us in your own difficult times. We will remember this for generations to come.

Japanese people will never forget your kindness. Hvala. Arigatou. from Tokyo

Thank you from Japan. We can believe we are not alone.

Thank you ! ! from Osaka Japan
We will remember your "kokoro".

Tako impresioniran. Hvala ti, svatko u Hrvatska. Iz Japana
Spremanje novac i otići na putovanje Hrvatska.

thank you so much for your great kindness.
Japan will always remember about this behavior.
Hvala vam Toliko

Made me cry. Thank you so much from Tokyo, Japan.

The great nation in Croatia.Your condolence will reach to all victims . Thank you very much from Japan.

Hvala, Hrvatska from Tokyo, japan

thank you , great croatian people.we believe the sun will rise again!!

Svatko u Hrvatska
Japanski nikada neće zaboraviti svoje radnje.
Hvala Vam.

Many thanks.
I have no words to express my gratitude.
from Tokyo

Thank you, Croatian people ! We Japanese will never give up, and be back again.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful heart!!!
I just had warm tears out of my eyes watching this vid.
I will tell my relatives who lives in the city where M9.0 quake hit when
I could make a contact with them!!
Again, Thank you sooooo much!!!
From Tokyo,Japan

Thank you so much for praying for us.
I received your kindness.
That is cheer up my heart.
We will do our best for recover our Country.
from Land of the Rising Sun.

(Forgive me though there might be a mistranslation because it is a machine translation. )
I am Japanese. It feels sorry though it is not personally struck.
However, I was impressed to see this animation. Tears have fallen in another meaning.
It did not so know the Croatia. However, it came to want to know.
And, a lot of this people's silent prayers are not forgotten.
Thank you for you.
I pray that your demonstration activities peacefully solve. Do your best.

the silence is the strongest voice reaches to my country Japan.
the power of citizen matters, after all.
from Kanagawa, Japan.

Ja sam japanski. Hvala vam na vašim molitvama. Hvala puno.
Suze u mojim očima.
Hvala Vam.
Hvala Vam.

Naši prijatelji u Hrvatska, hvala!

Hvala Vam. Mi ćemo naporno raditi! Od Japana.

I'll never forget about this ... till i die
I appreciate that, sincerely
from japan

Tank you so much for all of your compassion............
I pray for you, Croatian people, too......!


Patti D. said...

Very nice, poor people.

Sam said...

That's a nice gesture :)

Anonymous said...

Croatia and Japan brothers in arms from the world war.
We have many volonteers ready to go in Japan if you need help.
All best from Croatia and Japan will rise again.

ScottD said...

nice. Good to see something nice once in awhile

Wonderfullyrandom said...

that was nice allways good to see some nice news

Kingofthemelvins said...

haha what in the dickens

Laughing Vault said...

protesters are good people

Bob lehcror said...

Good on them, I love cros... Used to work with heaps oh em great people.

Bobomiller said...

:) good to see that, we know that there are people still watching our backs in the darkest of times

naixor said...

I admire those that stand up for their opinions, go get your asses off that couch like these heroes!