Thursday, March 3, 2011

Protesters in Zagreb Burn the EU Flag on Wednesday, Unrest Continues

The EU and SDP flags burning
Protesters in the Croatian capitol of Zagreb (some 5.000 people reported) burned the flags of the two most prominent political parties in Croatia, HDZ and SDP (for international readers, imagine that American protesters burn the flags of the republican and the democratic party). Following those burnings the protesters also ripped apart and burned the flag of the European Union.

The protesters also camped outside the building where the PM, Jadranka Kosor is housed chanting "no sleep tonight".

There was no reported violence. New protests are announced for the weekend in most major Croatian cities.

A video of protestors burning the HDZ flag:


cannibal-daisy said...

Believe it or not, Croatia is still okay. If you don't believe it, check out the USA. Google: Wisconsin; Ohio; Guantanamo Bay; US debt; WikiLeaks; Bradley Manning; soldier McCord. Go to independent media such as; Democracy Now and Firedoglake.

HurdyG said...

I just find that protests are usually silly...

Underground Knight said...

niceeem man