Friday, March 18, 2011

Who is Azra Bašić, the suspected war criminal?

A photo of Azra Basic getting arrested
American authorities arrested Azra Bašić yesterday (17.3) in the state of Kentucky. She faces trial for war crimes commited in Bosnia and Hercegovina during the Yugoslav war.

Azra Bašić, who was a resident of Stanton, Kentucky, appeared in court today before Robert E. Wier, a federal judge of that district. He made arrangements to question Bašić on the first of April. In the meantime, Bosnian authorities issued a extradition request for the alleged war crimes against Serbian civilians in the period from April to June of 1992.
She is suspected to have committed at least one murder, and tortured a great number of people.

According to the Lexington Herald Leader, Patrick Nash was appointed as her lawyer. The documents now in possession of the court have detailed descriptions of extremely cruel torture as well as a murder while she was still a commander of a Croatian war brigade.
Witnesses Radojica Garić and Dragan Kovačević stated that Bašić killed Blagoje Djuras, who was beaten unconscious, by slitting his throat. She then forced other prisoners to drink the blood of the slaughtered man.
According to the documents, another prisoner, Sreten Jovanović, was forced to drink gasoline and burned by Bašić.
Vice Skracic, deputy chief of mission of the Embassy of Croatia in Washington, D.C., said that Bašic is not listed in the register of Croatian war veterans and was not part of any Croatian military unit. He said she was a Croatian citizen, "but as of 1996 had no abode in Croatia."
In federal court in Lexington on Thursday, Bašic provided a few more details about her time in Kentucky, saying she had been working at a Nestle plant.


Sam said...

I'm not one to prejudge people, but she looks like a wrong'en

Patti D. said...

That is scary and insane!!

rbtb said...

I guess they can run but not hide

Alan said...

"She then forced other prisoners to drink the blood of the slaughtered man."

OH god this is fucked up. How do you even think of doing this?