Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Croatian police (this would be strange anywhere else)

On Monday evening, the police was called to intervene in a bar. A young man (boy?) was drunk, breaking bottles on the wall and causing unrest among other people in the bar. After their intervention they let the boy sit down in his Mercedes (Obviously Mercedes is a popular car in Croatia) and drive away.

Half an hour later the boy drove his car into a light pole at high speed. He broke his legs, his skull was cracked, and he fell out of the vehicle (No seat belton, but you will see this is a good thing.). The last I heard he was in a hospital and fighting for his life, remember this happened on Monday evening, there are some rumours that he died but I have seen no confirmation.

The car was split in half, the trunk and the last seats stuck to the pole and the front part of the car 50m further away (The good part about not fastening a seat belt.)

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The police asked to comment said this: 'He walked out from the bar, so it's not our fault.' It's a well known fact that the police in Croatia is corrupt, and drinking on the job is nothing strange so what really happened will be hard to find out. The only thing we can be sure of is that the police will hold no responsibility. Ever.

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