Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Neo-nazi singer payed by HDZ

Croatian musician Marko Perković aka Thompson was one of the recipients of the HDZ party "black funds".

According to reports, Perković was given EUR 500,000 and asked to, in return, refuse to perform in favor of any party during the 2007 election campaign in Croatia.

Two independent sources confirmed this, according to the website.

Perković has been condemned for his affiliation with fascist and Ustasha ideologies, and for the fact that his fans attend concerts wearing Ustasha uniforms and insignia.

While he has officially spoken to distance himself from these incident, Perković also uses "controversial" symbols during his concerts, said reports.

The Ustasha regime was at the helm of the puppet Nazi WW2 Independent State of Croatia (NDH), which organized mass slaughter of Serbs, Jews and Roma in several death camps, including Jasenovac.

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