Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Not this again...

Slovenia has sent a protest note to Croatia protesting what it sees as prejudging of the sea border between the two countries.

The Croatian national television reported that, according to Croatia's rulebook, the border is established along the middle of the Bay of Piran, adding, however, that this will only be so until the completion of the demarcation between the two countries.

Official Ljubljana assessed that this was Croatia's unilateral move, but believes that this will not affect the achieved arbitrage agreement.

Due to the position of official Ljubljana, Slovenian Maritime Law expert Marko Pavliha stood down from the arbitrage committee.

"The problem is in the border line. The arbitrage will determine where the border is in the Gulf of Piran and where exactly Slovenia will have access to the waters," said Pavliha, adding that prejudging of the border in Croatia's official documents was "wrongful".

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